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IMG_4579 - Version 3 2008-10-04

Avon-Game Creek Bowl- Vail- HI-RES 2009-05-03 2014-05-12 Balloon-Hot Air-Steamboat-Wild West-HI-RES 12009-07-06 332014-05-12 Balloons on Nottingham Lake- Avon- HI-RES-CHOICE SHOT 22009-07-18 342014-05-12 Colorado River Train & Canoe on Shore-HI-RES - Version 2 2009-05-23 292014-05-12 Fireworks-Vail-HI-RES-Choice Shot 2009-04-23 172014-05-12 Gore Creek-near The Hamlet-Winter 2009-05-04 282014-05-12 Hanging Lake Waterfalls-PRIMO SHOT-HI-RES 2009-07-29 312014-05-12 IMG_0143 2010-12-25 82014-05-09 IMG_0585 - Version 4 2011-01-08 92014-05-09 IMG_0586 - Version 3 2011-01-08 102014-05-09 IMG_0992 2011-04-25 202014-05-12 IMG_0995 2011-04-25 212014-05-12 IMG_1015-edited 2011-04-25 482014-05-12 IMG_1023 - Version 2 2011-04-25 472014-05-12 IMG_1102 32004-09-18 352014-05-12 IMG_2263 - Version 2 2007-07-25 222014-05-12 IMG_2281 2007-07-25 202014-05-12 IMG_2303 - Version 2 2014-03-02 462014-05-12 IMG_2318 - Version 2 2014-03-02 92014-05-12 IMG_2776 2014-04-03 (1) 452014-05-12 IMG_2869 2014-04-14 442014-05-12 IMG_3874 - Version 3 2012-08-19 542014-05-13 IMG_3908 2012-08-20 552014-05-13 IMG_3924 2012-08-20 562014-05-13 IMG_3936 - Version 2 2008-07-13 112014-05-09 IMG_3965 2012-08-21 572014-05-13 IMG_4006 2012-08-23 122014-05-12 IMG_4012 2012-08-23 132014-05-12 IMG_4031 - Davos Trail - West Vail - Mount of the Holy Cross & Notch Mtn. - Choice Pick* 2008-09-26 12014-05-12 IMG_4043 - Version 3 2008-09-26 22014-05-12 IMG_4160 2008-10-03 612014-05-13 IMG_4167 2008-10-03 602014-05-13 IMG_4203 2008-10-03 592014-05-13 IMG_4206 2008-10-03 582014-05-13 IMG_4223 - Version 2 2008-10-03 182014-05-09 IMG_4259 2008-10-03 172014-05-09 IMG_4267 2008-10-03 162014-05-09 IMG_4494 - Version 3 2012-09-16 422014-05-12 IMG_4514 2012-09-16 392014-05-12 IMG_4522 2012-09-16 382014-05-12 IMG_4534 2012-09-16 (1) 402014-05-12 IMG_4537 - Version 2 2012-09-16 142014-05-09 IMG_4542 - Version 2 2012-09-16 412014-05-12 IMG_4543 - Version 5 2012-09-16 432014-05-12 IMG_4546 2012-09-16 152014-05-09 IMG_4650 2008-10-05 192014-05-09 IMG_5438 2009-06-20 142014-05-12 IMG_5863 2009-10-05 322014-05-12 IMG_6588 - Version 2 2013-02-17 162014-05-12 IMG_6595 - Version 3 2013-02-17 182014-05-12 IMG_6630 2013-02-22 252014-05-12 IMG_6641 2013-03-25 242014-05-12 IMG_6764 2013-04-13 62014-05-09 IMG_6778 2005-09-30 302014-05-12 IMG_6790 - Version 2 2013-04-14 492014-05-12 IMG_6814 - Version 3 2013-04-14 52014-05-09 IMG_6881 2010-02-26 (1) 262014-05-12 IMG_6984 2013-04-14 72014-05-09 IMG_6988 (1) copy 32013-12-09 IMG_6989 2005-10-01 232014-05-12 IMG_6994 2013-04-14 (1) 502014-05-12 IMG_7022 2005-10-11 262014-05-12 IMG_7846-edt (1) copy 2013-10-13 IMG_8433 - Version 2 2010-09-11 152014-05-12 IMG_8545 - Version 2 2013-12-30 532014-05-12 IMG_8546 2013-12-30 522014-05-12 IMG_8547 2013-12-30 512014-05-12 IMG_8549-edt-med. size 2013-12-30 12014-05-09 IMG_8552 - Version 2 2013-12-30 42014-05-09 IMG_8582 2013-12-30 242014-05-12 IMG_8593 2013-12-30 642014-05-13 IMG_8595 - Version 2 2013-12-30 662014-05-13 IMG_8600 - Version 4 2013-12-30 652014-05-13 IMG_8679 - Version 2 2013-12-30 32014-05-12 IMG_8682 2013-12-30 42014-05-12 IMG_8770 2014-01-01 52014-05-12 IMG_8834 2014-01-03 632014-05-13 IMG_8840 2014-01-03 622014-05-13 IMG_8844 2014-01-03 102014-05-12 IMG_8846 2014-01-03 112014-05-12 IMG_8886-edtd 2014-01-03 62014-05-12 IMG_9036 - Version 2 2014-02-21 222014-05-12 IMG_9053 2014-02-21 72014-05-12 IMG_9061 2014-02-22 82014-05-12 IMG_9065 - Version 2 2014-02-22 232014-05-12 IMG_9696 2006-09-30 252014-05-12 Kayaker-S.Platte River - wide-HI-RES - Version 2 2009-07-08 122014-05-09 Piney River Scenic-HI-RES 2009-08-11 272014-05-12 Train along Colorado River-fall colors-HI-RES 42009-05-23 362014-05-12 Wildflowers -Lupines-Purple-Vail Mtn.-HI-RES 2009-04-18 212014-05-12

Winter Fun and Nature’s Beauty in the Central Colorado Rockies

It has been a busy winter so far for the ol’ Canon camera. The incomparable Colorado landscape, plentiful snow and animated clients and visitors provided wonderful visual imagery. I lost a few pounds and almost a few fingers (to frostbite) capturing these photos. But I hope you’ll agree it was worth the effort. Enjoy these selected snapshots of winter fun in the Colorado high country.

Most are from Vail Mountain and Summit County locations during Dec., Jan. & Feb.

As always, most of these images are available as high-resolution fine-art prints, or as electronic stock images for consumer and business publications or web site/Internet uses.
If you are Colorado local, I am also available for private photo shoots of any type.
Contact me for image prices, shoot fees, and terms of use.


All photos and artwork included in this Web site are copyright-protected and the exclusive property of Eric Schickler Photography. No downloading, use, reproduction, manipulation, sale and/or distribution permitted without express written consent.

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IMG_2227 2014-01-31 copy IMG_2239 12014-01-31 copy IMG_9054 22014-02-21 IMG_9055 12014-02-21IMG_9084 - Version 2 IMG_8961 (2) IMG_8887 IMG_8818 (1) IMG_8745 IMG_8593 - Version 2 IMG_8548-edtd-8x10 IMG_8525 IMG_2287 IMG_2186 (1) IMG_2110 (2) copy IMG_9078 - Version 2 IMG_9036 - Version 2 (1) IMG_9008 - Version 3 IMG_8959 IMG_8957 IMG_8906 (1) IMG_8845 IMG_8812 (1) IMG_8811 - Version 2 IMG_8805 IMG_8800 IMG_8784 IMG_8779 IMG_8778 IMG_8772 IMG_8770 IMG_8765 IMG_8764 IMG_8763 IMG_8762 (1) IMG_8728 (1) IMG_8698 IMG_8696 IMG_8682 IMG_8680 IMG_8557 - Version 2 IMG_8514 - Version 2 IMG_8504 IMG_8496 IMG_8493 (1) IMG_8449 (1) IMG_8448 - Version 2 (1) IMG_8432 IMG_8428 (1) IMG_2261 IMG_2164 IMG_2160 IMG_2153 IMG_8970 IMG_8444 (1) IMG_2318 2014-03-02 IMG_2309 IMG_2314 IMG_2303 - Version 2 copy IMG_2321 (1) IMG_8600 - Version 4 IMG_8552 - Version 2 IMG_9039 IMG_9047 IMG_9056 IMG_9082 Holy Cross IMG_8766 - Version 2 IMG_8768 - Version 3 IMG_8798 IMG_8573 IMG_8571 IMG_8663 Snow-covered cars in Vail IMG_8889 - Version 3 (1) IMG_2190 (1) IMG_2247 (1) IMG_2252 IMG_2236 IMG_2194 IMG_2184 (1) IMG_2269 IMG_2267 (1) IMG_2268 IMG_2218 IMG_2213 IMG_2216 IMG_8735 - Version 2 copy IMG_8477 IMG_8484 (1) IMG_8509 (1) IMG_8536 IMG_8844 - 8x10 cropped IMG_8842 IMG_8895 IMG_8892 (1) IMG_8458 IMG_8953-edt IMG_8831 - 8x10 IMG_8976 IMG_8982 - Version 2 IMG_8973 - Version 2 IMG_8549IMG_2241 2014-01-31





All photos and artwork included in this Web site are copyright-protected and the exclusive property of Eric Schickler Photography. No downloading, use, reproduction, manipulation, sale and/or distribution permitted without express written consent.

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Fountain Streams Golden Reflections on Halfmoon Lake - Challeneger Peak Area-horiz. IMG_2013 IMG_2219 IMG_3806 IMG_3942 IMG_3948 - Version 2 Hanging Lake Waterfalls-PRIMO SHOT-HI-RES IMG_5343-edited - Best IMG_8479 Lake-Summit Lake-Mt.Evans-Snowy Melt-off

California Coast - Hwy 1-8x10-300dpi   IMG_5284  IMG_7982 copy Island & Lighthouse - Calif. Coast - HI-RES (flawed)

IMG_6322-edited copy 3

IMG_1533.JPG - Version 3

IMG_6307 copy 3

IMG_2202 California Coast Coast 1 - HWY 1 - HI-RESIMG_2958Halfmoon Lake - Challeneger Peak AreaIMG_2233California Coast - Big Sur -Full View w: Fence, Colored Vegetation - HI-RES   IMG_5422 copy IMG_5863 - Version 2 (1) IMG_6536 - Version 2IMG_2965 IMG_8472 Water Flowing over Rocks-Close-Up-Piney River-HI-RES Waterfall in Hallstatt, Austria-Choice Shot-HI-RES - Version 2 WaterFall-Cataract Creek- HI-RES Waterfall-Close-up-East Vail-HI-RES

Lighthouse-Pidgeon Point, Calif.-Yellow Flowers 2-CHOICE SHOT-HI-RES

Sand Dunes-Medona Creek-HI-RES copy 3 IMG_7273-edited copy 3   IMG_6295-edited copy 3 IMG_5284-Eric Schickler Photography copy 3 IMG_2951 - Version 2 copy 3 IMG_0974 (1) Gunnison River - Black Canyon copy 3 Gore Range & Reflecting Pond - Red & White Mtn-edited - Version 2-bordered copy 3 Crystal River-Carbondale-Eric Schickler Photography copy 3 Bowl of Tears- HI-RES copy 3


IMG_2962 (1)

Rocks, Deserts 2

All photos and artwork included in this Web site are copyright-protected and the exclusive property of Eric Schickler Photography. No downloading, use, reproduction, manipulation, sale and/or distribution permitted without express written consent.

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IMG_4442 IMG_4440 IMG_4436 IMG_4435 IMG_2368.JPG IMG_2351.JPG - Version 5 IMG_2341.JPG IMG_2336.JPG IMG_2332.JPG - Version 2 IMG_2331.JPG IMG_2329.JPG - Version 3 IMG_2328.JPG - Version 2 IMG_2326.JPG

IMG_1923 - Version 2 IMG_1790 IMG_1752 IMG_1749 IMG_1748 IMG_1726 IMG_1722 IMG_1722 - Version 2 IMG_1633 IMG_1632 IMG_1631 IMG_1630 IMG_1629

© Eric Schickler Photography-Red Rocks & Sumac (1) Rock Wall in Geometric Cuts-Manging Lake Trail-HI-RES - Version 2 (1) Rock Outcrop along Upper Bear Creek in Blowing Snow-HI-RES Monolithic Rock in Desert - HI-RES IMG_7612 IMG_7588 - Version 2 IMG_7538 IMG_7509 IMG_6757 IMG_5161 IMG_1788 IMG_1626 IMG_1624 IMG_1623 (1) GrandCanyon-HI-RES-best shot (1) Cliffs of Rock - Gunnison Area - tight view -HI-RES



Colorado Mountains *

People don’t move mountains.  Mountains are considered to be static, motionless, rock-solid, constant.  But they do change. Sometimes they rise in elevation.  They also crumble under the forces of nature, be it weather, erosion or earthquakes.

People don’t move mountains.  But mountains move people.

IMG_0144 - Version 2

Every mountain has multiple personalities brought to life by a viewer’s angle, perspective and elevation.  The mountain changes with the time of day, the type of light, the season, the location relative to other geographical features, the direction it faces, the altitude, the geography, the weather.

Mountains don’t just sit there. They are dynamic, slow as it may seem.
Mountains don’t just sit there. They scream!
They create weather, they shed their skin, they harbor wildlife.
They lure the curious, the admirers, the unwary.
They create addictions —  some beneficial, others risky.



THE ROCKY MOUNTAINS:  “Backbone of the North American Continent”

What treasures do Colorado’s mountains and forests harbor?

Wind-driven snow and ice crystal patterns on a west-facing rock.

Morning sun reflecting on a thin layer of overnight ice on the creek.

Afternoon light accentuating the colors of rainbow trout shifting direction one foot below the creek’s surface.

Erie, distant echoes of howling coyotes.

Nights marked by such complete stillness and silence that you feel guilty for breathing.

Stars so plentiful and bright that your body surges with intergalactic intrigue.

Cool nights that send bugs and mosquitoes packing for Arkansas.

Halfmoon Lake - Challeneger Peak Area

In the mountain valleys, creeks surge with ferocity in the afternoon and evening, then retreat after midnight as the cooling temperatures slow the melting process.
Then they surge again as the process begins again the next day.

Wildflowers of so many varieties that they turn mountainsides, meadows and creek banks into masterpiece theaters.

Flowers-Yellow Mule's Ears -Jackson County Meadow-horiz. - HI-RES - Version 2

Cool, damp moss draping creek banks.

Old-growth forests that create cool, cavernous hollows.

Rock formations that turn imaginative glances into surrealistic movie scenes.

Hanging Lake Waterfalls-PRIMO SHOT-HI-RES

Winds you can see with your ears as they trace a path across a valley and dance through the lodgepole pines and stands of aspen.

Mountain climbs that offer greater dividends as you increase in elevation.

Creeks and rivers reborn or reactivated with spring’s cascading snowmelt create a thundering, never-ending roar.

Rainbow over South Park Meadow of Blue Iris-HI-RES - Version 3

Afternoon thunderstorms that temper and refresh the heated day, abating the dust and triggering the landscape’s fragrances.

Rainbows dazzle the eyes as a passing storm moves east and the sun re-emerges in the west.

Mountains in Winter 1

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RMNP- Hallet Peak area -Snowy Clouds

IMG_3227 - V3

RMNP-Hallett Peak from YMCA Camp-horiz-HI-RES

IMG_7648 IMG_6135 - Version 2


IMG_1811 - Version 2 IMG_1768 - Version 2 IMG_1668 IMG_1666 - Version 2 DSCN0630


Mountains in Winter 2

All photos and artwork included in this Web site are copyright-protected and the exclusive property of Eric Schickler Photography. No downloading, use, reproduction, manipulation, sale and/or distribution permitted without express written consent.
© Eric Schickler Photography

IMG_1614-edited - Version 2 IMG_1613_1 IMG_1611 IMG_1594 - Version 2 IMG_0422 - Version 2 IMG_0279 IMG_0278 IMG_0275 - Version 2 IMG_0272 - Version 2 IMG_0269 - Version 3 IMG_0266 - Version 2 IMG_0264 IMG_0137 IMG_0132 DSCN0617 DSCN0616_2 Buffalo Peak -Snowy-Dillon area-HI-RES Avon-Game Creek Bowl- Vail- HI-RES IMG_1594 - Version 2

IMG_5414-Eric Schickler Photography copy 3 IMG_1258-Eric Schickler Photography copy 3 IMG_1253-Eric Schickler Photography copy 3 IMG_1241 - Version 2-Eric Schickler Photography copy 3 IMG_1239 copy 3 IMG_1200-Eric Schickler Photography copy 3

IMG_7037 - Version 2 copy IMG_7028_2 copy IMG_0106_1 copy IMG_0105_1 copy Grays & Torreys Peaks--from Mt Evans-HI-RES (1) copy


IMG_0132 IMG_9779 IMG_9774 IMG_9772 IMG_9706 IMG_7522 IMG_0273 IMG_0144 - Version 2


Vail Mountain – Closing Day Celebration – April 14, 2013. The Ceremonial End to Vail’s 50th Season. *

* Two days later, the season was extended for the three-day weekend of April 19-21 due to abundant amounts of new snow.

Not sure what kind of party will happen on Sunday 21st, but this would be hard to re-create. There is nothing like Closing Day at Vail:  colorful, noisy, wild and unpredictable. Full of customs, costumes, vittles and bevvies, and plenty of tradition. Sweet and bitter, happy and sad. But always memorable.


All photos and artwork included in this Web site are copyright-protected and the exclusive property of Eric Schickler Photography. No downloading, use, reproduction, manipulation, sale and/or distribution permitted without express written consent.

© Eric Schickler Photography

IMG_6805 - Version 2 IMG_6863 IMG_6841 IMG_6840 IMG_6838 IMG_6845 IMG_6834


IMG_6766 IMG_6899 IMG_6900 IMG_6907 (1) IMG_6908 IMG_6911 IMG_6914 IMG_6917 IMG_6918 IMG_6921 - Version 2 IMG_6922 IMG_6923 IMG_6925 IMG_6926 (1) IMG_6932 (1) IMG_6936 IMG_6937 IMG_6939 IMG_6941 IMG_6944 IMG_6945 IMG_6946 IMG_6947 (1) IMG_6950 IMG_6951 IMG_6954 IMG_6956 (1) IMG_6961 IMG_6977 IMG_6982 (1) Powerline Glade IMG_6984 IMG_6992 (1) IMG_6996 IMG_6998 (1) IMG_7019 IMG_7031 IMG_7034 IMG_7036 (1) IMG_7040 - edt IMG_7041 IMG_7046 (1) IMG_7052 (1) Your Photographer IMG_6898 IMG_6896 IMG_6894 (1) IMG_6893 IMG_6892 IMG_6890 IMG_6888 IMG_6884 (1) IMG_6883 IMG_6881 IMG_6880 IMG_6879 IMG_6878 (1) IMG_6876 IMG_6874 IMG_6868 (1) IMG_6866 (1) IMG_6864 IMG_6863 IMG_6860 (1) IMG_6859 IMG_6857 (1) IMG_6855 IMG_6848 (1) IMG_6843 IMG_6836 (1) IMG_6835 IMG_6830 IMG_6824 IMG_6820 (1) IMG_6816 IMG_6813 IMG_6811 IMG_6809 (1) IMG_6802 IMG_6801 IMG_6799 IMG_6798 (1) IMG_6796 (1) IMG_6790 IMG_6785 (1) IMG_6781


Snow & Ice – Evergreen & Kittredge, Colorado

Feb. 2-5, 2012 – This early February snowstorm dropped nearly 30 inches in and around Evergreen. Look at the delights it left on our foothills countryside.


© Eric Schickler Photography, Communication & Design

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IMG_2809 IMG_2804 IMG_2803 IMG_2772 IMG_2765-edt (1) IMG_2759-edt IMG_2758 IMG_2756 2012-02-04 IMG_2755 2012-02-04 IMG_2748 2012-02-04 IMG_2742 - Version 2 2012-02-04 (1) IMG_2735 - Version 2 2012-02-04 IMG_2734 2012-02-04 IMG_2731 2012-02-04 (1) IMG_2726 2012-02-04 IMG_2721 2012-02-04 IMG_2719 2012-02-04 IMG_2718 2012-02-04 IMG_2716 2012-02-04 IMG_2702 2012-02-04 IMG_2696 2012-02-04 IMG_2694 2012-02-04 IMG_2692 - Version 2 2012-02-04 IMG_2691 2012-02-04 IMG_2681-edt 1 2012-02-04 IMG_2679-edt-primo copy (1) IMG_2678 2012-02-04 IMG_2676 2012-02-04 IMG_2675 2012-02-04 IMG_2668 - Version 2 2012-02-04 IMG_2667 2012-02-04 IMG_2666 2012-02-04 IMG_2663-edt 2012-02-04 IMG_2656 2012-02-03 (1) IMG_2653 2012-02-03 IMG_2650 - Version 2 2012-02-03 IMG_2649 2012-02-03 IMG_2646 2012-02-03 IMG_2644 2012-02-03 IMG_2642-edt 2012-02-03 Eric Schickler Photography - IMG_2773

Snowy Scenics – Evergreen, Colorado

Winter in Evergreen is remarkable, and scenic beyond belief. Within one mile of my home are the most scenic spots, that take on a magic quality when the blankets of white fall from the sky. I find subject matter that is simple, grand, intriguing, soothing, peaceful, invigorating, quaint, inspiring and fascinating.

These images were taken in, around and near Alderfer/Three Sisters Park, and along Bear Creek, just east of Evergreen.

The park has 770 acres of ponderosa pines, silver-plume quartz outcrops and scenic open meadows, accessed by 10 miles of gentle trails. The primary early landowners, the Alderfer family, named the landmark rock outcrops after their children: the “Three Sisters and the “Brother.” The park has become very popular with mountain bikers and hikers, many of whom drive up from the Denver metro area on weekends.

I find endless moments of adventure, exercise and solitude in the park during the week, when you can often explore for hours without seeing a solitary person. Animals represent a higher percentage of the population at these times. I’ve seen coyotes, deer, elk, fox, bear, marmots, and plenty of hawks and eagles.


IMG_2590 - Version 2 2011-12-23 copy



One of my favorite little critters is the Abert’s squirrel, distinguished by its black coat and fuzzy upright ears. It is named after Colonel John James Abert, an American naturalist and military officer who led the Corps of Topographical Engineers, which mapped the western U.S. in the 1800s. The squirrels are found primarily in ponderosa pines forests, which they use for food, protection and nesting.

IMG_2640 - Version 2 2012-01-15


One inhabitant I’m happy to have never met on the trail is the mountain lion. They are known to inhabit the park, and I have heard a few growling off in the distance. I learned early on that it’s not a great idea to run the wooded trails at dusk or dawn.

red puma

The elk population in and around Evergreen has grown significantly over the past several decades due to their protected status and the small remaining number of mountain lions, their primary predator.


IMG_1570 - Version 2 2011-09-08

Human-elk interactions are a daily occurrence in Evergreen, where the concept of “Rush Hour Traffic” is very different from that found in the city. Rush hour in this community often refers to a herd of elk in the middle of the road, on your driveway, sidewalk or in your backyard. Automobile traffic is stopped by both traffic lights and elk herd crossings.

IMG_1434v2 Elk Herd

The funniest Evergreen “rush hour” moment for me was watching five elk parading aimlessly around a traffic circle in the center of town at 5 p.m., paying no heed to the well known rule that vehicles already in the traffic circle have the right of way! Fortunately most resident drivers are very alert to sudden elk appearances, and show great patience in allowing them their migratory freedoms in and around town. Letting them ravage one’s deciduous trees and gardens is another matter altogether.


When snow covers the park, hikers strap on snowshoes, skis and ice & snow crampons to tackle the trails. Some hardy mountain bikers continue to ride the trails when the snow is hard-packed.

Winter is such a highly rewarding time for photography. That’s when I experience and document unique contrasts, the mix of cool and warm light, soft gradients, the visual delights of falling snowflakes, the juxtaposition of stark blue skies and sheets of white, and the dance of snow clouds as they rake the mountaintops.

Then my lens moves to the fascinating formations of snow on the sturdy ponderosa pines and aspens, the gentle lines and reflections along the waters of Bear Creek, the sparkle of Colorado’s dry champagne powder, and the soft draping of powder on exposed rock outcrops.

My most successful winter images are those that actually capture and convey the hush that exists when a deep blanket of snow covers the landscape. That peace and serenity is also why I so enjoy braving the elements to bring you these images. Which brings me back to the primary reason I am a nature photographer. It keeps me outside and away from the computer!


As I get older and find myself staring down yet another winter, my mind drifts to thoughts of a warm tropical beach and all the comforts that come with it. But then I look out my door and find scenes like these in the Colorado foothills. I could never move to a one-season location. Look what I would miss!