Sunrises & Sunsets

What a way to start the day and end the day when skies look this way.


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Schickler Photography - Sunset over Lake Creek, Colo. - IMG_6443 copy

Yankee Boy Basin-Headwaters-Sunset over Mtn. Spires-HI-RES Sunset over Front Range from Aurora #2 Sunset from Corona Pass -HI-RES Sunrise Thru Bushes-Tubac Sunrise Over Indian Hills, Colo.-HI-RES-Choise Shot IMG_1807 IMG_1745
IMG_6400 IMG_1806 IMG_1805 IMG_1803-edited IMG_1802 IMG_1799-edited IMG_1745 IMG_1433 - Version 3 IMG_1418 IMG_1411-edited - Version 2-4x6 border copy 3

IMG_6407 IMG_6405 IMG_1796 copy 3 IMG_1411-edited - Version 2-4x6 border copy 3 IMG_1409 - Version 2-edited copy 3 IMG_1402-edited copy 3