Elk Cows and Calves

Views of Manhattan & One World Trade Center

I had a blast in New York City and was awed by the magnitude of the skyline!

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What’s Your Path?

When your day begins, and you take off for your next adventure, your next goal, your latest dream, or that new relationship, what route do you take? When your adventure unfolds, where do you find yourself? What path do you prefer? What line do you follow? It’s not just about where you’re going, but the […]

Vail Mountain Closing Day Celebration (“4 at 4”) – April 23, 2017

Vail’s 2015-’16 Closing-Day Summit Gala


Vail’s Closing Day 2015 Mountaintop Celebration & Pond Skimming Event

Another stellar season at Vail. Not the best year for snow, but the endless parade of activities, events and excitement took the Vail Valley to a new height. The 2015 World Skiing Championships put Vail and Beaver Creek on the international map — again. It was the third time Vail/B.C. hosted these races. April 19, […]

“Reading is FUNdamental” and Trees Really Do Fall in the Forest.

Did anybody see this happen?     I’ve been on a delightful and very gratifying book-reading tear for the past decade or so. This new-found hobby ties in perfectly with my mid-life-crisis goal of spending as much time as possible in the glorious outdoors of Colorado and elsewhere, both in business and free-time pursuits. For […]

Don’t Be Half, Be Whole.

If you find you are somehow stuck doing the wrong things for the wrong people, remember yourself. You have just one life to live. And your dreams will only be realized if you drive toward them, and ignore the naysayers and obstructionists. Start doing the right things for the right person — yourself. You’ve done […]

“Vail Kaleidoscope” – Lifestyles and Scenery in and around America’s Premier Mountain Resort

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