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What clients, viewers, readers and subscribers are saying about Eric Schickler Photography & Communication’s written, artistic and photographic posts…..


“Just came across your travelogue on the Osa and Iguana Lodge. I have been to Costa Rica before, but never this far south. I have an opportunity to take a training course at the Iguana Lodge in several months. I have been on the fence….until now. Your description of the area, the lodge, the people and experiences have more than convinced me it will be worth the time and expense. Just had to tell you that your writing style is captivating, your photography is stunning, and your appreciation of Costa Rica is evident. Thanks for your work!”  – Jennifer O.

“You are an amazing artist! I marvel over your images. You truly shine when it comes to the outdoor action shots, but your scenery is gorgeous too. One day I’ll see your name on a coffee table book with huge photographs!”
– Laura Benjamin – Colorado Springs, Colorado

“OK Eric, I’ve just looked through all your photos. The flowers gave me goosebumps; some made my eyes swell with tears. You are an amazing photographer. Then, as if I hadn’t had enough, I read your blogs. I am filled with emotions. I laughed hysterically over the elephant story and then cried over what you wrote about your dear dog.  I’m so glad I had the opportunity to see all of this today – you made my day.”  – Wendy C. in Rochester, New York

I really enjoyed your Costa Rica multi-part blog, and recalled so many good memories. My family members are touched by their cameo roles in your stories!!  Great photos: but that goes without saying! – Jenny C. in Poole, England

“Keep up the good work! Nice pics. Love the background and the subjects.”  – Mike N. in Greece, New York


“Absolutely gorgeous senior photos of Cassie, Eric. You captured her personality perfectly. Thank you for such quality work!”  – Lisa B. in Monument, Colorado

“We reviewed the photos of my son, Bryce, again and again.  Such great shots to choose from!  We’re going to have to go with my first reaction and photo selection for the yearbook.  True emotion – you just can’t go wrong. Thanks again for everything.”  – Ann K. in Rochester, New York


“The photos look great!  Thanks so much.  I am so happy you mentioned being in town to shoot family portraits, because it’s been too long for us, and these are fabulous!”  – Laurie E. in Rochester,  New York

“I love your writing, and was moved to a tear by the wonderful tribute to your canine buddy, Sasha.” – Teresa K. in Westminster, Colorado

“The pictures look really great. I love them!  I love more images than I expected of Brian;  the pictures are way more natural-looking than I expected. Patrick has the perfect smile in all the pics. The full-family pics look great.  Again, I am so happy with your work so far. I can’t wait to see some in print!” – Katy N. in Greece, New York


“Beautiful pictures captured along side the story, told by a dear friend of mine.  An incredible and brilliant artist who expresses himself in so many different formats. Eric, you bring to so many of us, who are so absorbed in our hectic lives, a moment of tranquility, beauty beyond words that allows us to stop, breath and become aware of how truly blessed we are.  A silent captivating moment, thought, or memory that will remain with each and every one of us. The peace we all wish for in this world.”   – Tracy H.  in Spencerport, New York

Beautiful pictures, what a great job!!!  Love them. Thank you.  – Joanne L. in Spencerport, New York

We received the photos!  Thank you.  Thanks for all your hard work.  They turned out great. – Julie & Jim S. in Livonia, New York

“I am no artist. But I know what art is when I see it.”     – Dave W. in Cherry Hill, NJ

On the “Elephant in Our African Tent Camp” post:

“Eric, you are amazing!  Not only for your spectacular photography, but also for your exceptional writing ability. I already feel I’ve been on an African safari and I loved every second of it. Can’t believe you had that wonderful (and yea, very scary) experience. Good luck in all your future endeavors!”  – Marilyn S. in Annandale, Virginia.

“As I read your tale about the elephant in your African tent camp, I was amazed at how skillfully it was assembled, how nice a flow it had and, most importantly, how you kept the reader (me) on the edge of my seat. You spun a great yarn here, and I can tell you, I won’t be the only one to think that.”  – Dave W. in Cherry Hill, New Jersey



“The more I read and see of your work (both photographer and writings) the more I am convinced you got a biggee-sized helping of talent genes. Thanks for your inspiring perspective on life, and especially your enthusiasm for Colorado and the American culture!”   – Laura B. in Colorado Springs, Colorado


“You have developed a fine talent for capturing the nuances of photographic subjects. Your work in Colorado brings back memorable memories of when I lived on the Western Slope where my front picture window framed the San Juans.”   – Phillip O. in Hobe Sound, Florida


“Eric, your photos are all so incredible, I’m afraid I MUST resist viewing your social media sites and web site during work hours, because I find myself daydreaming, transported to …. everywhere else! (sigh). Your beautiful work always, always makes me smile.”  – Lori B. in Buffalo, New York


“Every time I see your photography, you make me wish I lived in Colorado!!”   – Barb S. in Rochester, New York


“Breathtaking, Eric, as always! My only question is, how does anybody ever decide which ones to buy? My favorites are the closeups of the singular trees and the stream with the branches arcing over it. Spectacular!”  – Mary Jean S. in Bloomington, Illinois

On Evergreen, Colo., Winter Snow & Bear Creek photo post:

“Simply stunning. Love the color contrasts, and the stream. And the sense of movement against the stillness and purity of the snowbanks — really amazing. Well done.”    – Dave. W. in Cherry Hill, New Jersey


“So gorgeous Eric. You are a talent and a credit to the George Eastman name!   Jill A. in Hilton, New York


On Colorado Elk Calves and Moms photo post:

“You have always had a great eye. Thanks for sharing your gift with us. The pictures are priceless. I would just love to know what some of those elk might be thinking.”  – Lorrie R. in Lakewood, Colorado


“Amazing neighbors. You must feel so fortunate to be able to share their world. It feels so intimate. Very well captured, as if I was right there with them. Way cool.”  – Victoria K. in Vail, Colorado


“My busy schedule leaves little time to review my e-mail and web links. But I have a few seconds, so let me say…  You have a very great talent in photographing wildlife.”   – Norman L. in Vail, Colorado


On the Tribute to Olympic Champion Skier and Humanitarian Jimmie Heuga:

“With any loss of a loved person, the emotions rush forward.  You put those emotions into words eloquently and in an inspiring way. I’m not overly concerned with the quantity of years we live in life, because the quality of life Jimmie lived is well worth hearing about. Great job.”  – Mike W. in Queensbury, New York


On Turquoise Lake. Colorado, photos:

“Wow-wee, Eric!  These are really something!!  Colorado looks very alluring through your lens. Thanks for sharing. To my artistic cousin in Colorado! I browsed through your web site. I enjoyed watching and reading, and I think that I may have recognized some of those portrait subjects!  Keep up the nice work… I hope that it is fulfilling for you.”  – Darlene M. in Rochester, New York


On the Super Moon photos and blog post:

“So incredible!  Gorgeous, my friend.”–  Linda W. in Lincoln, California 


“Amazing shots Eric!  You have the eye, my friend.” – Ray S. in Rochester, New York


“What a gift you have Mr. Schickler!” – Kathy D. in Concorde, Ohio


“Unbelievable capture of an unbelievable moment!  You are incredible, Mr. Schickler!” – Mike F.  in Rochester, New York



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