SolarAquaTerra Germoonincubus

IMG_5623-  SolarAquaTerra Germoonincubus-edtd - Version 2

This piece of abstract art is called “SolarAquaTerra Germoonincubus”

It is an acrylic painting on burlap mounted on wood. I think the name conveys the meaning of the design. Except the last part of the name. That deserves an explanation for sure.

My design began in the center of the yellow “solar” circle. However, inside the circle are two corresponding faces–faces of the moon.  In the spirit of celestial companionship and procreation: a man-in-the-moon and a female-in-the-moon.  The profile was inspired by a necklace given to me by a high school girlfriend. It was a half-moon with a face on it. I still have it.

From the sun and moon flowed  various subterranean elements (volcanic, aquatic and mineral) then ground surfaces, and a sky.

Rounding off the earthly processional is a germinating plant, which springs forth from the ground.

This painting is interesting because it can be tilted in any of four directions and be viewed as four different works of art.