Sweet ride. Nice wheels. Shiny wings. Enjoy the flight.   Bon voyage. Road trip! She’s a beauty. A credit to the seven seas. Been down one too many roads. Fasten your seat belts. All aboard. Tickets, please. One track mind. Giddy up. Coming through. Full steam ahead. Prepare for rough seas. Rough road ahead. We may experience intermittent turbulence. Park it here. Dock it here. Land it there.

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Flatbed Pickup Truck in Junkyard Firetruck, Old Cabin at YMCA Dump Truck in Ruins Car and Dummy- Profile Buggy Boats-Gloucester Boats & Alcatraz Island Balloons on Nottingham Lake Balloons in Blue Sky Auto


Boats-Fishing Gloucester Harbor-HI-RES- Choice Shot Gondola-Steamboat-HI-RES Hungary Train at Station-HI-RES Hungary-Train Locomotives on Tracks at Station-HI-RES IMG_0253_1-edited IMG_1308  IMG_2913 - Version 2 Milk Truck - HI-RES. Motif 1 -Gloucester, Mass. Harbour-CHOICE SHOT-HI-RES School Bus Ruins-HI-RES Street Sweeper Man- Denver-HI-RES