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Strike a pose. Try to look natural. Try to relax. Show me your most outlandish expression. Look professional. Project your inner radiance. Stop fidgeting. Stand like this. Sit like that. Turn sideways. Tilt your chin down. Let’s try that again, only this time open your eyes. Everybody look at me. Are you sweating? Try not to look so stiff. Is that the real you? Get sassy. Look sultry. Is it too cold here in the studio? Do you realize your mother may see these photos? Who told you to show up wearing that? I only have a few lenses and a limited number of filters, and none can take 15 years off your face or 30 pounds off your body. Yes, I agree, you ARE having a bad hair day. Okay, that’s a wrap. Fantastic. Wait until you see your photos! That wasn’t so painful, was it?

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IMG_7486 IMG_9804- 5x7 - Version 2

IMG_2464 IMG_2864-edtd IMG_2813 IMG_2518 IMG_2813 IMG_2477 IMG_5156-redo MRS (1) IMG_9349 copy IMG_8731-edited - Version 3 copy IMG_7386 IMG_7238 - Version 2 IMG_5930 IMG_5817_1 IMG_4674 copy IMG_2829-EDTD-crop IMG_1641-edited IMG_1639 IMG_0140_1 copy Couple - Bob & Marilyn S008 McIntosh Boys 1- IMG_9797 - Version 4-edtd* IMG_9716 IMG_9366-edited IMG_8695 - Version 2-edited IMG_7800 IMG_5815

Couple - Gonyas B&W IMG_0789 IMG_0776 IMG_1335 (1) Laura Benjamin.2 (1) IMG_7493 IMG_7351 (1) IMG_7175 (1) IMG_6103 IMG_6090 IMG_6075 IMG_6071 - Version 4 IMG_3095 IMG_6071 - Version 3 IMG_6058 - Version 2 IMG_5608 (1) IMG_5138 (1) IMG_5105 (1) IMG_3245 (2) IMG_3226 (1) IMG_3114 (1) IMG_3030 (1) IMG_3006 (1) IMG_2869 (1)




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