Sasha – “Everyone’s Favorite Dog”

My westward-ho road-trip warrior.

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29090 Golf Way Snowy Blanket & Sasha at Road-Evergreen-HI-RES - Version 2 Dog- Sasha Close-up in Deep Snow-HI-RES - Version 2 Evergreen Lake -Girls in Water with Sasha 2-HI-RES - Version 2 SASHA & Chirp - HI-RES - Nose to Nose Sasha in Chambers Lake-HI-RES Sasha on Cornice- HI-RES- Mt. Holy Cross SASHA on Golf Cart- HI-RES- Moab Sasha Tied to Bridge-B&W-HI-RES Sasha with Rock-Jeffco Mtn. Park-HI-RES Sasha-Close-Up-red ribbon-HI-RES - Version 2 SASHA-HI-RES-in Deep Snow SASHA-on Drain Pipes - HI-RES Sasha-Snowy Face-Blue Ribbon-HI-RES