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Here is a sampling of the the moments, experiences, views and perspectives that end up inside my camera. This section will give you a quick-view of what

Take a visual journey. Check out the places I’ve had the fortune to visit.
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IMG_6548  IMG_6447 IMG_6439.JPG IMG_6434.JPG copy IMG_6426 IMG_6317-B&W-edited IMG_6308 IMG_6291-wtrmrk IMG_6111.JPG IMG_6103 IMG_5343 IMG_4622 IMG_1261 IMG_1158 - Version 3 IMG_0894 - Version 2-edited IMG_0715 IMG_0293 - Version 6 - wtrmrk IMG_0252-edited Mt. Democrat Horse Looking Down 2- turned left-HI-RES copy Harley Riders - IMG_4964 Half Strawberry & Bowl_1 GrandCanyonGirl-HI-RES Grand Canyon Trail-HI-RES Gas Pump- Stagecoach-HI-RES-vert Four Corners - Rock Spires Landscape - HI-RES -Choice Shot (1) Flatirons-Boulder-HI-RES Flatbed Pickup Truck in Junkyard-HI-RES-Choice Shot Fireworks Vail  3 bursts Fireworks -rain - Vail Fire Hydrant in Dusty Snow-Cliffside- Estes-HI-RES Dandelion Close-up-Choice Shot-HI-RES Cyclists Racing the Velodrome-Colo. Springs-HI-RES California Coast - Big Sur - Hwy 1 Bridge-HI-RES Bridge over Bear Creek - Spring Snow -Gates Mansion-vertical-HI-RES Boys Playing Around Drainage Pipe-B&W-HI-RES Balloons on Nottingham Lake- Avon- HI-RES-CHOICE SHOT (1) Austria-Hallstatt-Swan Lake-wtrmrk Aspens of Gold & 4WD Road- Aspen-horiz-PRIMO SHOT-HI-RESIMG_6543