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Paradise Lake-Holy Cross Area-Chubby Penguin Rock-HI-RES


Always let a sleeping dog lie.


E. Schickler Photography - U-Hauls .IMG_2672

Water on the Brain

Chris was always spouting off as a kid.


Troll-HI-RES Toddler at Keg-Derby Party-HI-RES from Print Snowy-Faced Dog-edtd copy 3 Ivory Statue w: Leaf Covering Lap-Park Ave. Fest-Rochester-HI-RES - Version 2 IMG_9994-edited IMG_9991 IMG_7178-edited IMG_5350 IMG_1388 IMG_1225 IMG_0983 IMG_0605 IMG_0598 IMG_0556 IMG_0555 IMG_0554 IMG_0342 - HEFF & the Cofeee Pot -B&W IMG_0231 IMG_0013 Horse Looking Down 2-HI-RES - Version 2 Homer-Hi-Res Feet in Bathtub-HI-RES Chirp on Dr.'s Head-Hi-RES 102_0232