Elk – The Big Bulls of Colorado

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Elk-Bull Elk (6x7) Lying on Evergreen Golf Course-HI-RES-Choice Shot - Version 2 IMG_2826 - Version 3 copy 3 IMG_2826 - Version 6 IMG_2845 IMG_2851 IMG_2854 - Version 2 (1) IMG_2862 copy 3 IMG_2863 copy 3 IMG_2881-edited

IMG_9996 IMG_9994-edited IMG_9987 IMG_9980 IMG_9978 IMG_8510 IMG_8494 IMG_8480 IMG_8383 IMG_8369 (1) IMG_8365 IMG_8349 - Version 2 IMG_8344 - Version 3 IMG_8331 IMG_8327 IMG_8319 IMG_8317 IMG_8315 IMG_8313 IMG_8292 IMG_8234 IMG_8232 IMG_8227 IMG_8182 IMG_8181 IMG_8172 IMG_8170 IMG_8168 IMG_8166 IMG_8163 IMG_8161 IMG_2258-edited IMG_2116 - Version 3 IMG_2054 - Version 3-edited IMG_2053-editedjpg - Version 2 IMG_2050 IMG_2027 IMG_1638 IMG_1630 IMG_1627 IMG_1584 IMG_1570 IMG_1567 - Version 2 IMG_1434 - Version 2 IMG_0102 IMG_0060 IMG_0056 IMG_0055 IMG_0052 IMG_0050 IMG_0044 - Version 2 IMG_0039 IMG_0031 IMG_0017 - Version 2 IMG_0015-edited IMG_0013 IMG_0012