Caper. A close companion for several years. A smart, furry friend. A pooch with a complex character. A fine athlete. A great poser. A loyal pal. Possessor of many talents, including psychoanalysis.



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IMG_3010 - Version 2 IMG_0487 IMG_0519_1 IMG_1055 IMG_4052 IMG_3635 IMG_3633 (1) IMG_3194 IMG_3193 IMG_3636 IMG_3637 IMG_1002 - Caper - on flat rock- Estes Park - Version 3 IMG_1004 - Caper Close-up2 -on flat rock - Estes IMG_1047 - Version 3 IMG_1084 IMG_1710 IMG_1721 IMG_1722 IMG_1723 (1) IMG_1725 IMG_2117 IMG_2120 IMG_2283 (1) IMG_2126 IMG_2144 IMG_2149 IMG_3459 (1) IMG_2289 (1) IMG_2275 (1) IMG_5300 - Version 2 IMG_5299_1 (1) IMG_6651-edtd IMG_6652-edtd Caper at Hell's Hip Pocket-B&W IMG_7599 IMG_8570 IMG_9069 - Version 2 IMG_0094 - Version 2 Caper on Rock with Head Down- Christmas Tree Cut-B&W IMG_0233 IMG_9857 IMG_9885 (1) IMG_9912 Caper-Sitting Majestically on Rock -Christmas Tree Cut Area IMG_0241 IMG_0486 IMG_0514 (1) IMG_0716 IMG_3195 IMG_5692 - COMFORT - B&W - Caper All Snuggled Up (Pick 3 of 3) IMG_0287 - Version 2 IMG_3638 Caper